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Exciting Times at Lake Tapps VBC!

Greetings Lake Tapps Volleyball Family,

As you have probably heard, The Lake Tapps Volleyball Club has officially been re-formed and the new club will be called “Lake Tapps VBC”. Understandably, a lot of you have some questions about the new organization and how it may affect the club moving forward.

You will be glad to know that there is nothing but really good news as it relates to the new Lake Tapps VBC!!

So here is what is happening!

The owners of Diamond Sports, one of the oldest and most respected youth sports clubs in the NW, have formed a new volleyball organization, Lake Tapps VBC, which will continue to train in the former FIVE12 Courts building. Beginning November 1, the new building will be officially renamed the “Lake Tapps VBC Training Center”, exclusive home of Lake Tapps VBC.

Jeff Bradbury, who has provided many years of service to Lake Tapps Volleyball and will serve as a general consultant with Lake Tapps VBC leadership on the full spectrum of club activities and uniform acquisition. Jeff has been tireless in his work and we thank him for his many years of service to Lake Tapps Volleyball and the volleyball community!

Shauna Sheppard will continue to oversee Lake Tapps VBC and serve as the Director. Shauna will manage all of the day to day operations of Lake Tapps VBC and will continue to coach her teams. Shauna is well known in the volleyball community and she is uniquely qualified to manage Lake Tapps VBC.

For this season, day to day operations will not change significantly! Training programs, tournament selections, camps and clinics, leagues, etc. will remain basically the same as in previous years. Starting next fall, look for some new and innovative training upgrades!

Facility improvements are planned starting next week and continuing through January. We will be repairing the insulation, patching and painting holes in the walls, grading the gravel parking lot and making other cosmetic upgrades. Beginning in January, we are planning upgrades to the restrooms, offices, and entry area.

We have already placed an order to purchase all new volleyballs for the training center. The new Baden volleyballs will have the Lake Tapps VBC or Valley logo on the balls. In addition there will be some new ball carts, scorekeeping boards, and other equipment.

The really great news for the future is that, starting next year, we will begin looking for a brand new Training Center for Lake Tapps VBC. While we love our current building, the new location will have:

• Improved parking with fully paved lots big enough for tournaments

• Courtside spectator stands for viewing games

• Room for an additional court or more

• Dedicated strength, agility and fitness training area

• Room for a volleyball pro shop

• Extra-large restrooms to fully accommodate our tournaments

• Team meeting room/classroom

Regardless of what rumors you may have heard; Lake Tapps VBC is Here to STAY!! Our goal is to be “The Best in the West”, and Lake Tapps VBC will continue to focus on providing the best coaches, exceptional facilities, quality training programs and challenging competition that is necessary to give our players every possible opportunity to move on to college programs when they graduate.

If you have enjoyed being part of the Lake Tapps Volleyball family in the past, you are going to love our future. If you are new, we welcome you to an exciting, pivotal time in the Lake Tapps VBC legacy!

Lake Tapps VBC


    Lake Tapps Volleyball

    Lake Tapps Volleyball Club was started in 2008 and had a single team with the goal of providing a talented young group of girls a place to play volleyball. Since that time we have grown into one of the best volleyball organizations in the entire Puget Sound Region. With a location in Puyallup, Washington, it has given us the opportunity to draw players from as far north as Seattle and as far south as Olympia, as well as outlying cities and towns. The staff is a carefully chosen group of highly qualified coaches who strive to grow each and every player not just as athletes but also as a people. We want our players to succeed at whatever the next step in their life will be, whether it is high school, club, college or even any non-volleyball activity.

    Our beautiful four court facility allows us to give our players better opportunities than other clubs in the way of training programs, positional camps, year round clinics and the ease of a consistent and convenient practice location. And while we encourage all of our players to participate in any of these offerings we also work hard to improve those from all clubs who come to our facility to learn. We will do what is best for every athlete who sets foot in our doors and hope to see growth and development not just individually, but in the volleyball community as a whole. As Larry Bradbury used to say, "Just Do The Right Thing".

    Shauna Sheppard


    Phone: 253-359-4643


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